Banksia blechnifolia

Scientific name: Banksia blechnifolia

Common name: Banksia 2

Aliases: Prostrate Banksia

Date planted



Attribute Range
Edible No
Habit Unknown
Kind Plant
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Unknown


Height x width: 50cm x 50cm


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ยป This is an excellent example of Australia's heritage of drought-tolerant plants that are versatile enough to be grown on the East coast of Australia. It is a beutiful low-growing garden shrub, with a most spectacular display of red/pink Banksia flowers. Originating from Lake King in Western Australia, it is a highly adaptable species flowering from September through to February. Honeyeaters and native bees find this beautiful plant hard to resist and congregate en masse throughout the flowering season. The fern-like foliage is an added bonus when the plant is not in flower. It grows and flowers best in a well-drained soil with full sun and ample air movement around the plant. It is also quite happy in lime soils. It responds well to pruning after flowering to maintain plant shape and encourage more prolific flowering the following year. If the soil is poorly drained a raised garden bed is recommended. Alternatively it makes a fine large pot specimen, when used with a premium Australian native potting mix. It is a hardy plant tolerating extended dry periods and heavy frosts. After establishment in the ground, it requires no extra watering. Butterfly attracting. Full sun. Frost tolerant. Marketed by Tarrawood Native Nursery.


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