Citrus x sinensis

Scientific name: Citrus x sinensis

Common name: Washington Navel Orange

Date planted



Attribute Range
Edible Fruit
Habit Tree
Kind Tree
Native No
Sun tolerance Full sun


Descriptions Images
Baby fruit
Fruit (about 3 months old)
As you can see from the bricks,
this is the tree, the whole tree,
and nothing but the tree
Floral abundance

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ยป This is a dwarf, as is the Tahiti Lime. Warning: The buds are mercilessly predated by possums. Stop Press 2016-06-25: I finally picked an orange, and it was delicious!. It was not as sweet as commercial oranges, of course, which are bred to be very sweet. Pruning: No. Feeding: Use a complete fertilizer in late winter and late summer. See also Lisbon Lemon. See also Meyer Lemon. See also Tahiti Lime.


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