Dianella prunina DP303

Scientific name: Dianella prunina DP303

Common name: Dianella prunina

Aliases: Blue Purple Flax, Utopia

Date planted



Attribute Range
Edible No
Habit Unknown
Kind Plant
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Unknown


Height x width: 1m x 50cm


Descriptions Images


ยป An elegant clumping ornamental Australian flax with distinctive blue/purple foliage. Grows to an average size of 50cm across, with graceful flower stems reaching over 1m in height. Can be used for mass planting, foliage or accent grassy gardens, adding a unique color perspective to any garden. Tolerates a variety of climartic conditions. Full sun to part shade. Very hardy, drought and frost tolerant. Avoid prolonged wet conditions. When planting ensure the base of the plant is not covered with mulch or soil. Plant in a well-mulched garden. Feritilize with a slow release fertilizer after 2 months, and then only if required. Remove older leaves as required to keep plant looking good. For a better foliage specimen, remove flower stems before flowering. Once established do not water too much. I am a Fuss Pot!. Supplier: Kuranga Native Nursery.


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