Goodenia ovata

Scientific name: Goodenia ovata

Common name: Hop Goodenia

Aliases: Prostrate form

Date planted



Attribute Range
Edible No
Habit Prostrate
Kind Plant
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Full sun, Part shade


Height x width: 20cm x 1-2m


Descriptions Images
New plant


ยป Tough, adaptable, evergreen plant. The low-growing habit makes this an excellent groundcover. Heart-shaped leaves set off the bright yellow flowers that appear over a long period in Spring to Summer. Attracts insect-eating birds to the garden. Excellent groundcover for difficult areas. Well suited to slopes and embankments. Good groundcover under trees. Suited to most well-drained soils. Tolerant of difficult, dry or wet sites, and heavy shade. Trim back after flowering to maintain a dense foliage cover. Mulch well to retain soil moisture and suppress weeds. Fertilize with a low-phospherous, slow-release fertilizer.

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