Lomandra longifolia x confertifolia ssp. pallida

Scientific name: Lomandra longifolia x confertifolia ssp. pallida

Common name: LittleLime

Date planted



Attribute Range
Edible No
Habit Shrub
Kind Plant
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Full sun, Part shade


Height x width: 0.4-0.5m x 0.5m


Descriptions Images
New plant


ยป This is a derived smaller and more compact form of Lomandra Lime Tuff. The foliage is finver than Lime Tuff and stays lush all year round. Grows in full sun to shaded areas and is adaptable to most soils. This smaller, hardy, tufted plant requires little maintenance. It is best to initially feed with a slow-release low-phospherous fertiliser to help establish when first planted. Mulching around to base of the plant will help retain moisture and suppress weeds. LittleLime is the perfect choice for low borders and provides contrast in landscapes. This newer form on Lomandra is an extremely versatile plant. LittleLime provides accent color for gardens and is desirable to use in large landscapes where smaller plants are required.

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