Malus domestica Leprechaun

Scientific name: Malus domestica Leprechaun

Common name: Leprechaun

Date planted



Attribute Range
Edible Fruit
Habit Dwarf
Kind Tree
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Full sun


Height x width: 2m x 1m


Descriptions Images
Just planted
Welcome to Spring
Flower and buds
More flowers, on the Autumn Equinox 2017-03-21.
Climate Change strikes again! But will they set?
Half-grown fruit, some propped up due to
being on tiny branches. Second season. 2017-12-21
Almost mature fruit. 2018-04-02. 6.7 cm = 2.6 in

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» This is a dwarf variety of Granny Smith. It fruits in late April. It bears exceptional amounts of large large green apples. Leprechaun is partially self fruitful, but benefits from cross pollination. Pinkabelle® is the ideal partner, but also other varieties such as Gala, Delicious, Fuji and Crab apples. Good for tubs. Supplier: Just Fruit Trees.


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