Prunus armeniaca

Scientific name: Prunus armeniaca

Common name: Moorpark Apricot

Date planted



Attribute Range
Edible Fruit
Habit Dwarf
Kind Tree
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Full sun


Height x width: 1.8-2.0m x 1.5-2m


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» Moorpark is a variety of apricot which has been available in Australia for many years. PlantNet® now makes it available as a dwarf variety. Exclusive to PlantNet®, it is a sweet apricot to eat, and the fruit is an oval shape with an orange colour. It matures around late January, which makes it a mid- to late-season variety. This is a versatile variety which can be used for stewing, making jams or eaten fresh. This variety is self-fruitful and is a prolific bearer, which means it will require staking. A low maintenance tree for confined spaces because of its dwarfing tree size. Ideal for growing in pots or tubs on the patio or great for small sized gardens. Growing regions include: Warm semi-arid, Warm temperate, Mediterranean, Cool, Cool temperate. Breeder: PlantNet®. Supplier: Pinewood Nursery.

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