2012-11-16: Class builder modules

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Class builder modules

Class builder modules

Perl has many modules designed to speed-up coding of new classes.

This list was built to accompany this submission to a Google Summer-of-Code project. Nothing eventuated.

I found these by a combination of searches at http://metacpan.org.

o accessors
o accessors::fast
o App::Benchmark::Accessors (Benchmarks the other modules)
o Attribute::Property
o AutoCode::AccessorMaker
o Badger
o Basset::Object
o Class::Accessor
o Class::Accessor::Assert
o Class::Accessor::Chained
o Class::Accessor::Children
o Class::Accessor::Class
o Class::Accessor::Classy
o Class::Accessor::Complex
o Class::Accessor::Constructor
o Class::Accessor::Contextual
o Class::Accessor::FactoryTyped
o Class::Accessor::Fast
o Class::Accessor::Fast::Contained
o Class::Accessor::Fast::GXS
o Class::Accessor::Fast::WithBuilder
o Class::Accessor::Fast::XS
o Class::Accessor::Grouped
o Class::Accessor::Installer
o Class::Accessor::Lite
o Class::Accessor::Lite::Lazy
o Class::Accessor::Lvalue
o Class::Accessor::Named
o Class::Accessor::Ref
o Class::Accessor::Tiny
o Class::Accessor::WithDefault
o Class::AccessorMaker
o Class::Adapter::Builder
o Class::Attrib
o Class::AutoAccess
o Class::AutoClass
o Class::Axelerator
o Class::Builder
o Class::Class
o Class::Classgen
o Class::Closure
o Class::Colon
o Class::Constructor
o Class::Contract
o Class::Core
o Class::Data::Accessor
o Class::Data::Inheritable
o Class::Declare
o Class::Delegate
o Class::Delegation
o Class::Dot
o Class::Easy
o Class::Field
o Class::Fields (Deprecated)
o Class::Frame
o Class::Framework
o Class::Generate
o Class::Gomor
o Class::Holon
o Class::Hook
o Class::InsideOut
o Class::Light
o Class::MakeMethods
o Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::AccessorFast
o Class::Maker
o Class::Member
o Class::Meta
o Class::Meta::AccessorBuilder
o Class::Meta::Express
o Class::MethodMaker
o Class::Monkey
o Class::MOS (Special case)
o Class::NamedParms
o Class::ObjectTemplate
o Class::Prototyped
o Class::Root
o Class::Scaffold::Accessor
o Class::SelfMethods (Deprecated)
o Class::Std
o Class::Struct
o Class::StructTemplate
o Class::Tangram
o Class::Template
o Class::Trigger
o Class::Virtual
o Class::XSAccessor
o Class::XSAccessor::Compat
o classes
o CodeGen::PerlBean
o Data::AsObject
o EntityModel::Class::Accessor
o Hash::FieldHash
o Hash::Objectify
o Hash::Util::FieldHash
o HTML::Mason::MethodMaker
o Lexical::Attributes
o Loompa
o M
o Mo
o Moo
o Moos
o Moose (The heavy-weight one of the pack)
o Moose::Tiny
o Moose::Micro
o MooseX::EasyAcc
o MooseX::FollowPBP
o MooseX::SemiAffordanceAccessor
o Mouse
o Object::Accessor
o Object::Accessor::XS
o Object::Botox
o Object::Generic
o Object::InsideOut