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A Vampire in a mirror!
Zigzag at 6 years old (January 2009). He weighs 4.8 Kg.
He died suddenly in early March, 2013, probably of a pancreatic problem.
Zigzag at 6
Zoe and Zephyr. Zoe is a Miniature Fox Terrier and Zephyr is an Italian Greyhound.
Both dogs are now adults, altho Zephyr is not in this photo. Zoe is 4.5Kg and Zephyr is 5.5Kg.
Zoe and Zephyr
Zephyr at 10 years old. He weighs 7.0 Kg
Zephyr got cancer of the liver, and was put down in December, 2008, at the age of 11.
Zephyr at 10
Italian Greyhounds from circa 150 CE.
Found near Civita Lavinia (Lanuvium) on a spur of the Alban Hills south of Rome, this endearing sculpture is in the Townley Collection of the British Museum. Another pair is in the Vatican Museum.
IGs from Ireland 1900 years ago
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