Anigozanthos hybrid Kangaroo Paw

Scientific name: Anigozanthos hybrid Kangaroo Paw

Common name: Kangaroo Paw 2 - Red

Aliases: Bush Crystal


Attribute Range
native Yes
sun_tolerance Unknown
edible No
habit Unknown

Descriptions Images

» This is an Australian native
» Stunning iridescent crimson flowers stand tall from the slightly arching foliage creating an impressive display
» Bush Crystal has all the excellent features Bush Gems are known for plus the amazing glow of crimson flowers
» Beautiful on its own or perhaps best enjoyed alongside Bush Diamond and Bush Pearl
» Prolific flowering from Spring to Summer
» Well drained, sunny location
» Remove old flower stems and leaves as close as possible to their base
» Sprinkle a small handful of slow release fertilizer for native plants around the base of the plant in Autumn and again in Spring
» Water only when the top of the potting mix has dried out
» Keep the center of the plant free of weeds, dead leaves and spent flower stems
» See also Bush Bonanza
» Supplier: Botanical Creations

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