Banksia blechnifolia

Scientific name: Banksia blechnifolia

Common name: Banksia 2

Aliases: Prostrate Banksia


Attribute Range
Edible No
Habit Unknown
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Unknown


Height x width: 50cm x 50cm


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New growth
Leaf colours
Leaf colours (same plant)
Inflorescence (cluster of flowers)

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» This is an excellent example of Australia's heritage of drought-tolerant plants that are versatile enough to be grown on the East coast of Australia
» It is a beutiful low-growing garden shrub, with a most spectacular display of red/pink Banksia flowers
» Originating from Lake King in Western Australia, it is a highly adaptable species flowering from September through to February
» Honeyeaters and native bees find this beautiful plant hard to resist and congregate en masse throughout the flowering season
» The fern-like foliage is an added bonus when the plant is not in flower
» It grows and flowers best in a well-drained soil with full sun and ample air movement around the plant
» It is also quite happy in lime soils
» It responds well to pruning after flowering to maintain plant shape and encourage more prolific flowering the following year
» If the soil is poorly drained a raised garden bed is recommended
» Alternatively it makes a fine large pot specimen, when used with a premium Australian native potting mix
» It is a hardy plant tolerating extended dry periods and heavy frosts
» After establishment in the ground, it requires no extra watering
» Butterfly attracting. Full sun. Frost tolerant
» Marketed by Tarrawood Native Nursery


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