Eremorphila glabra

Scientific name: Eremorphila glabra

Common name: Eremorphila glabra

Aliases: Yellow Form


Attribute Range
Edible Yes
Habit Shrub
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Part shade, Full sun


Height x width: 70cm x 1.5m


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See also Eremorphila nivea => Eremorphila nivea


» Small, hardy shrub with profuse, yellow, tubular flowers from late Winter to Autumn
» Distinctive, fresh green foliage provides year-round interest
» Ideal for low maintenance gardens or difficult sites with dry or poor soil
» Prefers a sunny, well-drained site
» Tolerates drought, poor soil and mildly alkaline conditions
» Grows in part shade but fewer flowers will be produced
» Prune after flowering
» Cultivate soil before planting
» Dig hole twice the width of the container
» Remove plant from contaner and place into the hole so the soil level is the same as the surrounding ground
» Fill hole firmly and water in well even if the soil is moist
» Attracts birds
» Supplier: Pinewood Nursery

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