Eremorphila nivea

Scientific name: Eremorphila nivea

Common name: Eremorphila nivea

Aliases: 'Blue Velvet'


Attribute Range
Edible No
Habit Unknown
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Unknown


Descriptions Images


» Improved form of Eremophila nivea introduced by Philip Vaughan
» This improved form of the popular Australian plant Eremophila nivea is far less suseptible to disease and foliage damage than the normal form
» The beautiful silvery grey foliage is attractive on its own, but when the vivid blue flowers appear it is an arresting sight
» In fact the foliage is so soft to the touch it's hard to believe it belongs to a plant
» Grafted onto a hardy rootstock to make it suitable under a range of conditions
» Performs best in full sun or light shade, in well drained soil
» Apply a thick mulch above the roots to suppress weeds and conserve moisture, but keep it away from the trunk
» Trim lightly after flowering to maintain a compact habit
» Care must be taken to remove ALL growth below the graft union or these shoots will grow through the grafted canopy and eventually overrun your plant
» 1.5m x 1.5m
» Suitable for large containers
» Drought tolerant once established
» Supplier: Kuranga Native Nursery


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