Scientific name: Lechenaultia

Common name: Lechenaultia

Aliases: 'Midnight Blue'


Attribute Range
Edible No
Habit Unknown
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Unknown


Descriptions Images


» Small evergreen Australian native shrub with spectacular blue blooms over a long period
» Features: Dwarf, woody stemmed shrub, prized for its massed display of very deep blue flowers
» Flowers age from a deep blue to a paler blue
» Grey-green foliage
» Plants are sometimes spread by suckers
» Originating from Moora, North of Perth
» Suited to very free-draining soils or potting mix in full sun.
» Tolerant of sandy to clay loams, light frosts, hard pruning, light dappled shade and hot dry sites
» Tip prune young plants regularly
» Light application of slow release fertilizer may be beneficial
» Mulch well using wood chips or pebbles
» Water over extended dry periods by deep soaking during a cool part of the day
» Great in rockeries or hanging baskets, mixed with Australian natives and/or exotics
» Supplier: Kuranga Native Nursery
» Status: Defunct


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