Scientific name: Leptospermum

Common name: Tea Tree 2

Aliases: A type of myrtle, 'Rudolph'


Attribute Range
native Yes
sun_tolerance Part shade
edible No
habit Tree

Descriptions Images
Aging and old flowers
Young tree

» 'Rudolph' is a fast-growing medium to tall shrub
» It has attractive purplish new growth and small red flowers
» Flowering commences in December and may continue through Christmas
» It is a cold-hardy screening plant which tolerates wet conditions
» The appealing leaf color and growth habit make this plant ideal for screens, hedges and low wind breaks
» In Summer, when many other shrubs have finished flowering, 'Rudolph' comes into bloom and provides color for the festive season
» If space allows, group planting will offer a superb display
» Fertilize regulary to encourage new growth
» Planting is simple: Dig the hole twice the width of the root ball and a little deeper
» Position the plant no deeper than it was in the pot, refill the hole and water well
» Mulching is beneficial in improving the soil and conserving moisture
» See also Tea Tree 1
» Supplier: Pinewood Nursery

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