Malus domestica Pinkabelle®

Scientific name: Malus domestica Pinkabelle®

Common name: Apple 4 - Pinkabelle®


Attribute Range
Edible Fruit
Habit Dwarf
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Full sun


Height x width: 2m x 1m


Descriptions Images
Just planted
Incipient buds
Just opened buds
Young apple. 4 cm on 2017-01-02
Maturing apples and new buds,
all due to Climate Change.
Two generations share a branch. 2017-04-03.
Large one: 9 cm. Small one: 1.4 cm
Two generations share a trunk. 2017-04-03.
Large one: 7.5 cm. Small one: 1.1 cm
Fruit still quite young but
leaves already turned IndianRed

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» This is a dwarf variety of Cripps Pink Pinkabelle®. It fruits in early May
» It bears exceptional amounts of large bright pink apples
» Pinkabelle® is partially self fruitful, but benefits from cross pollination
» Leprechaun is the ideal partner, but also other varieties such as Gala, Delicious, Fuji and Crab apples
» Good for tubs
» Flowers in 8-10 weeks are bare-rooted planting
» 2017-05-09. Damaged apple picked but not quite ripe
» 2017-05-11. Undamaged apple falls off tree. Very slightly overripe
» Harvest: Early May
» Supplier: Just Fruit Trees


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