Prunus armeniaca

Scientific name: Prunus armeniaca

Common name: Moorpark Apricot


Attribute Range
Edible Fruit
Habit Dwarf
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Full sun


Height x width: 1.8-2.0m x 1.5m-2m


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» Moorpark is a variety of apricot which has been available in Australia for many years
» PlantNet® now makes it available as a dwarf variety
» Exclusive to PlantNet®, it is a sweet apricot to eat, and the fruit is an oval shape with an orange colour
» It matures around late January, which makes it a mid- to late-season variety
» This is a versatile variety which can be used for stewing, making jams or eaten fresh
» This variety is self-fruitful and is a prolific bearer, which means it will require staking
» A low maintenance tree for confined spaces because of its dwarfing tree size
» Ideal for growing in pots or tubs on the patio or great for small sized gardens
» Growing regions include: Warm semi-arid, Warm temperate, Mediterranean, Cool, Cool temperate
» Breeder: PlantNet®
» Supplier: Pinewood Nursery

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