Thelionema caespitosum

Scientific name: Thelionema caespitosum

Common name: Thelionema caespitosum

Aliases: Stypandra caespitosa


Attribute Range
native No
sun_tolerance Unknown
edible No
habit Shrub

Descriptions Images

» Tufted plant with narrow, grass-like leaves bears blue, star-like flowers on slender branching stems
» Plant for a striking mass display
» Suitable for growning in pots or decorative containers on patios or verandahs
» Adds color and form to garden beds and borders
» Prefers well-drained soil but will tolerate most soil types
» Tolerant of light frost
» If desired, old leaves can be removed to keep plants tidy
» Mulch well to retain soil moisture and suppress weeds
» Fertilise with a low phospherous, slow release fertiliser if required
» Full sun or part shade
» Flowers in Spring
» Supplier: Kuranga Native Nursery

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