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Graphviz, from AT & T Research Labs, is a stand-alone package for manipulating graphs.
See Wikipedia for more on graphs.
Graphviz contains an array of programs and APIs.
A typical tool within this package is dot, which takes as input a (text file) graph description written in the DOT language. Such files are simply referred to as *.gv files. It can output graphs in a variety of formats.
Various people have written Perl wrappers around Graphviz:
Léon Brocard
Leon chose to use an upper-case V in the name of his package.
GraphViz was written quite some time ago, and targeted at a now-old version of Graphviz, and also hard-coded various features.
This module is now maintained by Ron Savage, but is deprecated in favour of GraphViz2 (below).
Ron Savage
This is my re-write from scratch of Léon's GraphViz. It uses Marpa::R2 by Jeffrey Kegler.
This module parses Graphviz DOT files.
This module is a sub-class of GraphViz2::Marpa.
It provides a small set of path analysis tools, after lexing and parsing *.gv files.
These tools are:
(a) Finding clusters
Here, a cluster is a set of nodes connected to each other, but not connected to any nodes outside the cluster.
(b) Finding all paths of a fixed length starting from a given node
This module uses Marpa to parse my language called DASH, and creates a tree to hold that grammar.
DASH is a subset of the language parsed by Graph::Easy, which in turn is a wrapper around DOT (the Graphviz language).
The default renderer which ships with MarpaX::Languages::Dash outputs the tree to a DOT file, and calls GraphViz2 to generate an SVG file.
This module uses Marpa to parse a grammar, and then creates a tree to hold that grammar.
This module uses the previous one to parse a grammar, and then turns that grammar into an image.
You can redistribute all my programs, and/or modify them, under the terms of
	The Perl License, a copy of which is available via: http://dev.perl.org/licenses/
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