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Books marked as 'Unread' are here because I believe them to be worthy of investigation.
# Author Title Rating Comment ISBN Publisher Date
1 A Nijenhuis and H Wilf Combinatorial Algorithms for Computers and Calculators Extremely mathematical, but with very clear programs (in Fortran) 0-12-519260-6 Academic Press -
2 Alligator Descartes and Tim Bunce Programming the Perl DBI Definitive 1-56592-699-4 O'Reilly February 2000
3 Christiansen and Torkington Perl Cookbook Excellent. Very thorough 1-56592-243-3 O'Reilly August 1998
4 Clinton Wong Web Client Programming with Perl Out-of-print, unfortunately 1-56592-214-X O'Reilly -
5 Damien Conway Object Oriented Perl Superb. You need it 1-88477-779-1 Manning Publications August 1999
6 Dave Rolsky and Stevan Little Moose - A postmodern object system for Perl 5 Good, but see the POD MrMonkey 2010-02-21
7 Dave Roth Win32 Perl Programming: The Standard Extensions Must have for MS Windows-based work 1-57870-067-1 Macmillan Technical Publishing January 1999
8 David N. Blank-Edelman Perl for System Administration Unread 1-56592-609-9 O'Reilly July 2000
9 Frisch Essential Windows NT System Administration Unread 1-56592-274-3 O'Reilly January 1998
10 Greg Holden and Matthew Keller Apache Server for Windows Little Black Book Unread 1-57610-391-9 The Coriolis Group -
11 Ian Langworth and chromatic Perl Testing - A Developers Notebook Excellent 059610092-2 O'Reilly 2010-02-21
12 Jeff Prosise Programming Windows 95 with MFC For C++ programmers beginning to use MS Windows 1-55615-902-1 Microsoft Press -
13 Jennifer Vesperman Essential CVS Excellent but verbose 9780596527037 O'Reilly 2010-02-21
14 Jon Loeliger Version Control with Git Excellent 9780596520120 O'Reilly 2010-02-21
15 Joseph N Hall, with Randal L Schwartz Effective Perl Programming Unread 0-201-41975-0 Addison Wesley Longman 1998
16 Kruchten The Rational Unified Process - An Introduction A thorough and easy-to-read overview of project planning 0-201-60459-0 Addison Wesley -
17 Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen and Jon Orwant Programming Perl (3rd edition) A 'Must have' book 0-596-00027-8 O'Reilly July 2000
18 Lincoln Stein How to Set Up and Maintain a Web Site (2nd edition) Great coverage of many topics. For non-programmers too 0-201-63462-7 Addison Wesley 1997
19 Lincoln Stein Official Guide to Programming with CGI-pm A 'Must have' book 0-471-24744-8 Wiley April 1998
20 Markus Feilner and Norbert Graf Beginning OpenVPN 2.0.9 Excellent 9781847197061 Packt 2010-02-21
21 Martien Verbruggen Graphics Programming with Perl Definitive 1-930110-02-2 Manning Publications June 2002
22 Meggitt, Ritchey and Denn Windows NT User Administration Unread 1-56592-301-4 O'Reilly November 1997
23 Mikkelsen and Pherigo Practical Software Configuration Management Unread 0-13240-854-6 HP Professional Books -
24 Mohammed J Kabir Apache Server Bible Excellent, but not enough coverage of the Windows version 0-7645-3218-9 IDG Books June 1998
25 Paul DuBois MySQL Superb. Contains mini-books on SQL, DBI and PHP 0-7357-0921-1 New Riders December 2000
26 PostgreSQL The PostgreSQL Reference Manual Excellent. 3 volumes 0954612027 Network Theory Ltd 2010-02-21
27 Richard M. Stallman GNU Emacs Manual Excellent 188211486X GNU Press 2010-02-21
28 Sandra Osborne Windows NT Registry: A Settings Reference Unread 1-56205-941-6 New Riders August 1998
29 Schwartz, Christiansen, Olson, Olsen Learning Perl on Win32 Systems Unread 1-56592-324-3 O'Reilly August 1997
30 Scott Chacon Pro Git Very good 9781430218333 Apress 2010-02-21
31 Scott Guelich, Shishir Gundavaram, and Gunther Birznieks CGI Programming with Perl (2nd edition) Unread 1-56592-419-3 O'Reilly July 2000
32 Sriram Srinivasan Advanced Perl Programming Excellent, but not enough depth 1-56592-220-4 O'Reilly August 1997
33 Stas Bekman and Jim Brandt mod_perl Users Guide Excellent 9780977920112 Onyx Neon 2010-02-21
# Author Title Rating Comment ISBN Publisher Date
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