Chorizema varium

Scientific name: Chorizema varium

Common name: Flame pea 2

Aliases: Flame Pea

Date planted



Attribute Range
Edible No
Habit Shrub
Kind Plant
Native Yes
Sun tolerance Full sun, Part shade


Height x width: 75cm x 1m


Descriptions Images
A small but typically spikey leaf

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» Compact small shrub which bares masses of flame orange and pink pea-like flowers above holly foliage. Flowering occurs sporadically throughtout the year with the main flowering in Spring. Performs well in full sun or part-shaded positions in well-drained soils. Tolerant of alkaline soils. Tip prune young plants after flowering to maintain a dense habit. Mulch around the base of the plant to preserve moisture over the drier months of the year. Suits native gardens, cottage-style gardens, coastal gardens and containers. Attracts birds. immij pty ltd ©. Supplier: Kuranga Native Nursery.


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