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ged-view.cgi V 1.02: 4-Jun-2002
ged-view.cgi is a Perl CGI script which reads a GEDCOM file and displays a family tree.
Each name on screen is a clickable link to information about that individual.
ged-view.cgi requires 2 modules, Gedcom and the Template Toolkit, which are available from CPAN.
ged-view.cgi ships with ged-view.css and a set of TT templates.
V 1.02 displays a menu of *.ged files when the program is run without parameters.
Also, you can now list all individuals, not just all marriages.
V 1.01 has patches to ged-view.cgi and ged-view.css to handle unusual data as found in royal.ged. This latter file is available separately.
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